PUSH: Performance Utilizing Superior Health

PUSH Machines are connected to the Internet by secure wi-fi and report on their daily use, revenue, number of users, level of consumables, and any maintenance or operational issues, as well as receive regular updates to the operating software. Paid, targeted advertising can be downloaded to each machine over the Internet to be displayed to consumers on the LCD touch screen. Consumers will be able to respond and express interest in certain display ads, creating valuable sales leads.

The PUSH Machine is currently in prototype design and development by Intelligent Beverage Technology, Inc., with a scheduled launch date of March 1, 2019. Preliminary market data indicates a PUSH Machine will generate $1,000 - $2,000 a month in recurring revenue per location from beverage sales and an equal or greater amount from paid, targeted advertising. PUSH Machines can return their manufacturing costs in eighteen months or less.

After the customer presses the red “Push To Start” button, the center LCD panel retracts up behind the top LCD screen, revealing the drink Fill Area. The User Interface appears on the screen. The customer can either create a customized drink or select from a previously saved drink combination. While the drink is being mixed, the customer will be presented with targeted advertisements they have agreed to watch, mixed in with health, sports and nutrition messages.


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