The Product and The Service

Intelligent Beverage Technology, Inc. (IBT) plans to enter the North American market with the PUSH Machine, a new type of advanced vending robot that invites consumers to design their own optimal sports drink, freshly concocted and delivered on demand. While the PUSH Machine is preparing and serving the consumer’s custom beverage, it may present them with targeted, paid advertisements (which they will have agreed to watch) on the large touch screen. These targeted ads will be mixed in with messages about health or the quality of the ingredients in their drink. The large, top-to-bottom, full face LCD screen will be used to regularly engage and interact with our customers while they are using the PUSH Machine, or while they are near it.

The PUSH Machine prepares on-the-spot, customized pre- or post-workout flavored hydration drinks in which the consumer can specify, using a touch screen display or voice command, the pH of the water, its ionization, the amount of electrolytes and a choice of vitamins. (In essence, their own customized “Gatorade.”) Once it identifies the consumer, the PUSH Machine can recall and make their previously customized beverage. In addition to customized hydrating sports drinks, the PUSH Machine can also serve up different types of protein shakes, energy drinks and weight loss beverages, all with individually customized ingredients.

PUSH Machines have a full length, LCD touch screen on the front to interact with customers and for display advertising. To get a drink, the customer presses the red “Push To Start” button.


1223 Wilshire Blvd., #950

Santa Monica, CA 90403-5400

Tony Materna CEO:  818-613-7600

Andrea Morara President & COO:  941-284-9827

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